'Serious questions' remain about John Kerry's conversations with Iran: 帕夫利希

凯蒂·帕夫利奇: I don’t think that’s the end of the story, 达娜. I remember when you interviewed the former Secretary of State on ‘The Daily Briefing,’ and you asked him if he was telling the Iranians to wait out the Trump administration in order to get back into the Iranian nuclear agreement and to get sanctions pulled off. He didn’t deny that.


And we know that he met with the foreign minister of Iran multiple times in secret to undermine the Trump administration’s policy on Iran. And now we’re seeing this come to fruition today.

Trey’s reporting from Israel and Gaza and Hamas launching thousands of rockets into Israel. 现在, that’s not just about Hamas and Israel. That’s also about the United States and their relationship with Iran as the State Department is now negotiating to get back into the nuclear agreement right now…

Which would mean that Iran has billions of more dollars, that sanctions would be taken off of them and they would have a lot more cash to infuse into terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad, like Hamas, who are now admitting openly and brazenly in videos that they are getting their money and weaponry from Iran.

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所以, 你懂, John Kerry has a lot to answer for. Republicans have said they want answers and they’re going to rely on the inspector generals to do an investigation since they don’t have subpoena power.

But there are serious questions about John Kerry’s holding of a security clearance while he was engaged in these kinds of discussions and meetings with the Iranian foreign minister.