Seventeen states have enacted 28 new laws making it harder to vote

State lawmakers have enacted nearly 30 laws since the 2020 election that restrict ballot access, according to a new tally as of June 21 by the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law.

的 28 total laws in 17 states mark a new record for restrictive voting laws since 2011, when the Brennan Center 记录 19 laws enacted in 14 state legislatures.

More than half of these new laws make it harder to vote absentee and by mail, after a record number of Americans voted by mail in November.
    The legislative push is part of a national Republican effort to restrict access to the ballot box following record turnout in the 2020 选举. Republicans currently control both chambers of 30 state legislatures.
      State lawmakers are expected to attempt enacting additional laws this year.
        德克萨斯州政府. Greg Abbott has announced he will convene a special session of the state legislature on July 8. The Republican governor has promised to revive a slew of new voting restrictions effectively killed by Democrats during the regular legislative session, tweeting late last month that he would be addingelection integrityto a list of topics lawmakers will address.




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