Several people injured in shooting in Bryan, Texas, sê die polisie

Police responded Thursday to the scene of a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, where they foundseveral victims,” according to Lt. Jason James of the Bryan Police Department.

James could not speak to the extent of the victimsinjuries in a news conference Thursday afternoon. The victims had been taken to a local hospital, hy het gesê.
The suspect in the shooting is at large, James said. He had no details or information about the suspect.
      Police first received a call about a shooting at 350 Stone City Drive around 2:30 nm. plaaslike tyd, James said. The incident was over when officers arrived on the scene.
        Investigators are trying to piece together what happened, James said, and authorities are interviewing witnesses.
            The public is asked to stay away from the area, hy het bygevoeg.
            This is a developing story and will be updated.




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