Sex Pistols frontman Johnny 'Rotten' Lyndon speaks out against cancel culture, blames colleges and media

The 65-year-old conservative rocker recently did a profile with the Times UK in which he was asked about gaining American citizenship in 2013 and moving to California from London to take full-time care of his wife, Nora Forster, 78, as she battles Alzheimer’s disease.

The punk rocker noted that he finds America fascinating and a much better place to grow old than the U.K.

I love being on a tour bus because I just stare out the window. I’m utterly amazed and transfixed by the difference of scenery from one state to another,” he told the outlet. “The forests up north and the swamps down south, 그것의 모든, it’s lovely. The people are very, very varied and very forgiving. A new country, new open-mindedness I suppose. Like they’re not really stuck down and nailed to the floor by class warfare.


John Lyndon aka Johnny Rotten, spoke out against 'cancel culture.'

John Lyndon aka Johnny Rotten, spoke out against ‘cancel culture.(CJ Rivera/FilmMagic)

하나, he sees a singular threat to the America he’s come to love over the years, and that’s modern political activism and “깨어남,” which he believes gets too much attention in both media and colleges.

These people aren’t really genuinely disenfranchised at all. They just view themselves as special,” 그는 말한다. “It’s selfishness and in that respect it’s divisive and can only lead to trouble. I can’t believe that TV stations give some of these lunatics the space. Where is this ‘moral majority’ nonsense coming from when they’re basically the ones doing all the wrong for being so bloody judgmental and vicious against anybody that doesn’t go with the current popular opinion?”

He directed his biggest gripes back home, 그러나. Like the U.S., citizens in the U.K. are re-examining national affection for potentially racist or problematic figures of the past, particularly former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


뉴욕 포스트 notes that critics point to the late leader’s past racist comments against both Indian and Black people.

This man saved Britain. Whatever he got up to in South Africa or India beforehand is utterly irrelevant to the major issue in hand,” Lyndon said. “We are not walking up and down the high street with jackboots and helmets because of that man.

엔터테인먼트 뉴스 레터를 구독하려면 여기를 클릭하세요.

그는 덧붙였다: “The Nazis were the biggest race haters of all, 이제까지, in the history of the planet so thank you again, Winston.

The rocker concluded his thoughts on modern activism by taking a jab at colleges who encourage such thought and the students that eat it up.

It’s just horribly, horribly tempestuous spoilt children coming out of colleges and universities with shfor brains. And I put that in the most polite way,” 그는 말했다.

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