Skiet tydens balwedstryd by Atlanta park verlaat 2 dood en 4 gewond, insluitend 6-jarige

’n Skietery tydens ’n balwedstryd by ’n Atlanta-park Sondag het twee mense dood en vier gewond gelaat, insluitend 'n 6-jarige wat in 'n kritieke toestand was, Atlanta-polisie gesê.

The violence began during a baseball or softball game at Dunbar Recreational Center inside Rosa L. Burney Park in southwest Atlanta around 7 nm. Sondag, Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said. The game was interrupted by an argument that escalated to an exchange of gunfire, and six people were shot, hy het gesê.
A man in his 30s and an adult woman were shot and killed, while a 6-year-old was struck and transported to Children’s Egleston Hospital in critical condition, Hampton said. The other four victims were in stable condition, hy het gesê.
      Police released images of the suspect and are asking the public to help identify them by contacting the Atlanta Police Department’s homicide unit or submitting a tip to Crime Stoppers for a potential reward of up to $ 2,000.
        The Atlanta police department released these photos of the suspect.

        Police are still investigating what happened and what relationship, indien enige, the six victims had to each other, Hampton said.
          As we’ve said countless times, we’re just asking the citizens just to find a way to resolve conflict without weapons. We’re just asking people to step away, we’re asking people just to let bygones be bygones,” Hampton said.
          Any time that we have any tragedy like thisany death is a tragedythen as we have kids that are also involvedThis is not a place for gunplay. So, we’re just asking everyone to leave the guns at home.
            The shooting represents the 18th mass shooting in Georgia this year, Volgens die Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as any incident in which four or more people are shot, excluding the gunman.
            Vanaf Julie 30, daar was 88 homicides in Atlanta this year, a 9% increase from the same point last year, according to Atlanta Police data. Aggravated assaults, a category that includes non-fatal shootings, are also up 4% this year compared to this point last year, die data wys.




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