Gov를 찢는 Siegel. 뉴욕 요양원 사망에 대한 폭탄 보고서 이후 Cuomo: 불을 지르는 것처럼’

Gov를 찢는 Siegel. 뉴욕 요양원 사망에 대한 폭탄 보고서 이후 Cuomo: Like 'setting a fire'

Fox News medical contributor 박사. 마크 시겔 slammed New York Governor 앤드류 쿠 오모 금요일에, calling his actionsdisgracefulafter a report from the state’s Democratic attorney general found that the number of nursing home residents who died with 코로나 바이러스 감염증 -19 : 코로나 19 last year may have been up to 50% higher than initial reports.

의 위에 여우 & 친구”, Siegel added that nursing homes arenever really the right placeto treat the infectious disease because a lack of knowledge, personal protective equipment and testing meant that readmitting nursing home patients into facilities was liketinder,” akin tosetting a firein terms of how fast the virus was allowed to spread.


Siegel asserted that the Javits Center or hospital ships placed off the east coast would have been aperfect placeto put patients due to their larger capacities and ability to properly evaluate and treat people infected with COVID-19.

When asked by Brian Kilmeade whether nursing homes bore some of the responsibility for COVID-19 deaths, Siegel agreed that a lack of communication within the facilities in New York inhibited the safety of patients.

You weren’t allowed into the nursing home. 생각해 내다, you couldn’t see your mother, your father, you couldn’t even look at them through a glass. 그래서, to not know if they’re getting COVID-19 or even dying is the worst possible idea and that’s what was going on in New York,” Siegel이 말했다.

The Fox News medical contributor concluded that making sure nursing home patients are vaccinated in New York and across the country is critical in dramatically reducing the death rate and preventing another catastrophe.

목요일에, after the New York attorney general released their scathing report acknowledging that Andrew Cuomo and other officials downplayed the impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes, 박사. Howard Zucker, Cuomo’s health chief, released figures updating presumed deaths in nursing homes and hospitals to almost 13,000.

정부. Cuomo has faced bipartisan backlash over the new reports and was mocked for claimingincompetent government kills peoplein MSNBC and CNN interviews.

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