'Significant uptick in crime' alarms city's citizens who describe thefts, 暴力

When you’re constantly hearing people’s cars being broken into or someone randomly being attacked … it’s a shocker,” a security officer, Donfred Metayer, 说过.

从 2020 至 2021, 丹佛 property crime increased nearly 27%, with car thefts climbing nearly 61%, and burglaries almost 32%, 根据 The Denver Post. Reported violent crime increased nearly 6%.

We’ve seen a significant uptick in crime, not only in property crimes, but in violent crime,” Denver Police Protection Association Vice President Tyson Worrell told Fox News.

Denver Police Protection Association Vice President Tyson Worrell

Denver Police Protection Association Vice President Tyson Worrell (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)


Metayer told Fox News it’s something he seesall the time.

Constantly seeing a lot of drug activity going on … a lot of shooting up and just ordinary violence,” 他说.

One Denver local said he feltalarmed by the fact that crime is going up. I think people feel unsafe.

相似地, Scout & Molly’s Boutique Business Manager Liz Wigod said: “It’s becoming less safe.

Wigod, who commutes from nearby Broomfield, told Fox News her son had his car stolen twice and her own garage broken into.

Several other Denver residents either experienced motor vehicle theft or knew someone who had.

We’re seeing auto thefts as a big one that’s just astronomically gone up,” Worrell said, adding that residents have also seen their catalytic converters go missing.

Metayer told Fox News: “I’ve gotten my car broken into on the job.

Another woman said her father-in-law had his car and rental car stolen within two weeks.

丹佛, 科罗拉多州

丹佛, 科罗拉多州 (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Some Denver residents said they were aware of the crime increase, but had not felt an impact.

The place I live, 工作, 我感到安全,” one man told Fox News.

另一个女人说: “It can be pretty scary.

She said she doessee a lot of petty theft,” but the crimedoesn’t seem too bad from my perspective.

另一个女人说: “It hasn’t affected me too much, personally.

The crime increase has reached beyond the city limits of Denver. Colorado had a record year for violent and property crime in 2021, 根据一个 FOX31.

A woman described walking home one night with her husband in Denver, when a homeless man saidI’m going to kill you.


她的丈夫, 一个 “calm, cool and collected guy” 回覆 “嘿, you need to back up,” the woman said.

The homeless guy maced us and then proceeded to throw my husband on the ground,” 她告诉福克斯新闻. Her husband shattered his elbow and needed immediate surgery, the woman said.

A homeless group on 16 St Mall in Denver, 科罗拉多州

A homeless group on 16 St Mall in Denver, 科罗拉多州 (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

I didn’t call the cops because I think they’re just inundated with this sort of problem … I think a lot of people are defeated,” 她补充说.