Simone Biles on winning bronze medal: 'It means more than all the golds'

Biles was able to put on a clean performance on the beam and finish with double pike on her dismount after battling thetwistiesthroughout the Games. 그녀가 말했다 NBC’s “오늘” the bronze medal means a lot to her.

더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. .

It means more than all the golds because I’ve pushed through so much the last five years and the last week while I’ve even been here. It was very emotional, and I’m just proud of myself and just all of these girls, 게다가,” Biles said.

I didn’t really care about the outcome. I was just happy that I made the routine and that I got to compete one more time.


Biles expressed concern for her safety in the days prior because she was battling thetwisties.She said one of the biggest misconceptions she was dealing with was that she was atno riskover what she was battling.

The girls saw me in training, my coaches saw me in training; I physically couldn’t do it safely, and it’s because I was getting so lost in the air. Before team finals, the girls were terrified for me and they’ve never really been scared,” 그녀가 말했다.

“하루의 끝에서, we’re not just athletes or entertainment. We’re human too, and we have real emotions, and sometimes they don’t realize that we have things going on behind the scenes that affect us whenever we go out and compete.

담즙, with her bronze, has seven Olympic medals. She’s tied for most all-time with Shannon Miller.

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