Six Flags theme park guest says she was kicked out, harassed over short-shorts

A woman says that she was harassed by security and kicked out of an Oklahoma 主题公园 because her shorts were too short. 据她介绍, she was able to enter the park without any issues and it wasn’t until a certain security officer confronted her that she had a problem.

Bailey Breedlove was visiting Six Flags’ Frontier City in Oklahoma with her daughter when the incident occurred, Newsweek 报告. 显然地, park security confronted the young mother about the length of her shorts, which they had determined to be too short.


Breedlove uploaded a video to TikTok which shows her speaking with two park security officers. 在视频中, the officers appear to be wearing uniforms that identify them as police officers. Newsweek, 然而, reports that Breedlove later spoke with the Oklahoma City police and was told that the officers who were involved in this incident were not associated with the city’s police.


在镜头中, Breedlove says multiple times that she wants to leave, but the officers say they need to see her identification first. One can be heard saying that he needs the information to write up a criminal trespass. 在镜头中, Breedlove does not hand over her I.D. 她的 女儿 can be seen sitting next to her and is visibly upset.

在一个 后续视频, she explains that park security had approached her after she had been in the park for over two hours. She says she was told her shorts were too short and she would have to buy a new pair. When she refused, the situation escalated.

据她介绍, she has been temporarily banned from the park. Since the original video was first published, 它已经被查看过 2.3 万次.

Fox News reached out to both Six Flags and Breedlove, but neither immediately responded.