Six police, アロヨと彼の加害者は銃撃戦を交わした

[object Window]. ルイ; a Milwaukee sheriff’s deputy was shot several times during a traffic stop Wednesday evening; そして, three more police officers were shot in Houston on Thursday, in separate instances, 当局は言った.

One St. Louis police officer was in “ヘイデンは、足を撃たれた警官が, ヘイデンは、足を撃たれた警官が” condition after he was shot in the leg and another officer was shot in the abdomen around 1 p.m during a traffic stop, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Chief John Hayden said during a press conference on Wednesday.

I am asking the public to pray for our officers. This is a rough time,” Hayden said. “They’re doing everything they can to keep people safe, and we keep having these critical incidents.

The officer who was critically injured had been serving in the force for three-and-a-half years while the other officer has been on two-and-a-half years, according to the chief. Both are in their mid-20s.

Officers spotted the vehicle that was wanted in a homicide case from the night before and pulled it over, Hayden said. The individuals inside the vehicle shot at the officers as they approached the vehicle, striking both, 逃げる前に. The four individuals were all taken into custody, チーフは言った. トップストーリーの詳細については、ここをクリックしてください.

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