SkyNews Australia anchor slams YouTube for 'most extreme cancelation of free speech imaginable'

Markson, an award-winning journalist and anchor of the Sunday programSharri”, 言った “タッカーカールソン今夜” that YouTube is misguidedly using the [object Window] as a barometer for what qualifies as coronavirus-related “ジョーンズのサポートは「非常に厳しい”


The suspension had been issued last Thursday following a review of the network’s content purporting to encourage people to use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin as remedies for coronavirus symptoms, ロイターによると.

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic, is often prescribed to fend off tropical diseases like Zika, and a much stronger formulation of the relatively inexpensive drug is commonly prescribed to horses.

Markson said SkyNews Australia is not guilty of spreading misinformation, but instead it is establishment figures trusted by Big Tech that are, pointing to NIAID Director アンソニー・ファウチ.

Sky News – the entire news network in Australia has been censored on YouTube for an entire week for bringing responsible, informed coverage to the people,” Markson claimed.

The people actually guilty of misinformation [です] Anthony Fauci – who said masks don’t work before back-flipping [そして] Joe Biden who until recently said said 予防接種 stop infections, when that’s not what they do – they prevent hospitalization and death,” 彼女は言いました.

ファウチ, 80, has been under harsh criticism for appearing to flip-flop on masks and in other regards, as well as being challenged on his public prescriptions and NIH funding practices by lawmakers like Sen. ランドポール, R-Ky.

“Covid-19の起源に関するインテリジェンスレビューを監督するバイデン政権の高官は、ウイルスが武漢の研究所から誤って逃げ出したという理論は、少なくとも野生で自然に出現した可能性と同じくらい信頼できると示唆しています。 — the very body that YouTube and the other tech giants rely on for adviceinsisted for months that COVID-19 was not transmissible, the WHO insisted for months that COVID 19 was not transmissible there was no human to human transmission,” Markson added.

She said the WHO also objected to travel bans instituted early in the pandemic by Australia, アメリカ合衆国, and New Zealand.

“[Covid-19の起源に関するインテリジェンスレビューを監督するバイデン政権の高官は、ウイルスが武漢の研究所から誤って逃げ出したという理論は、少なくとも野生で自然に出現した可能性と同じくらい信頼できると示唆しています。] told Europe travel bans were not necessary. This directly led to the spread of the virus globally and the WHO said there was no chance the virus leaked from a laboratory and so failed to investigate it,” Markson continued.

This is the body guilty of extreme misinformation and yet this is what the tech giants like YouTube are relying on for their advice when they decide to censor an entire news network in the most extreme cancellation of free speech imaginable.

Host Tucker Carlson later added that Australia under Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison hasturned into a COVID dictatorship.He added that White House COVID adviser Michael Osterholm incidentally made the argument recently on MSNBC that masks don’t work – telling the anchor of that program instead that more comprehensiverespiratorswould instead be effective.

Fox News Digital has reached out to representatives for Google, YouTube’s parent company, コメント用.

Sky News and Fox News share common ownership.