Slain UCLA student Brianna Kupfer's father is outraged over autopsy report leak

“人間性をあまり気にしない人がいて、, 利己的な利益のために、または何らかの理由で, 彼らは権威も良心もなしに行動する,” トッド・クプファーはフォックス・ニュース・デジタルに語った.

ブリアナ・クプファー, 24, だった stabbed to death 1月. 13 while working at upscale furniture store Croft House by career criminal Shawn Laval Smith, who may have targeted her because she was alone in the store.

Everybody knows she was brutally murdered. I don’t know why people would need to know more than that. It’s glorifying a horrible tragedy for entertainment,” Kupfer said.


A photo combination of Brianna Kupfer and her alleged killer Shawn Laval Smith

A photo combination of Brianna Kupfer and her alleged killer Shawn Laval Smith (Family handout/mugshot )

A 34-page autopsy report issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner details her gruesome injuries – including that she had been stabbed 26 times with a gray-handled kitchen knife. Autopsy reports are not public.

Kupfer said he and his family have intentionally avoided watching or reading any media coverage about the autopsy. “We don’t want to know that at this point. It’s too difficult and too triggering,” 彼は言った.

A Los Angeles assistant district attorney contacted him Thursday to inform him of the privacy breach and said officials are investigating.

Flowers are placed outside Los Angeles Croft House furniture store iin memory of slain graduate student Brianna Kupfer.

Flowers are placed outside Los Angeles Croft House furniture store iin memory of slain graduate student Brianna Kupfer. (エマ・マッキンタイア/ゲッティイメージズ)

スミス, 31, allegedly strolled into the Brianna Kupfer’s store at about 2:30 午後, and she immediately texted her manager to say the man was giving her abad vibe.Minutes later she was dead. Smith fled but was arrested six days later in Pasadena.

Smith has an extensive record spanning both coasts and had an active warrant for assaulting a cop at the time of the murder. Authorities are currently awaiting the results of Smith’s mental health evaluation to proceed to trial.


Progressive prosecutors like Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón have come under fire for their soft-on-crime policies, as the murder rate has surged in many big cities.

Gascón faces a recall amid a soaring homicides rate that has spiked 35% so far this year compared to the same period in 2020, according to public data.

24 歳の彼は UCLA の大学院生としてデザインを学んでいました。.

24 歳の彼は UCLA の大学院生としてデザインを学んでいました。. (トッド・コッパー)

Obviously the recall campaign right now is an important step,” Kupfer told Fox News Digital. “People need to be accountable for their actions. People shouldn’t have their right to safety taken away so others can have a free pass to commit crimes over and over again.


He added of his daughter’s killer, “He should have been in jail.

Kupfer grew up in the Pacific Palisades – about 3 miles north of Santa Monica – with her father, her mother Lori, her little sister Mikaela and her brothers Tucker and Brandon.

Brianna Kupfer in a family portrait.

Brianna Kupfer in a family portrait. (トッド・コッパー)

She was a kind soul and always was trying to make herself better and everything around her better,” Kupfer previously told Fox News Digital. “She cared about people.

ザ・ University of Miami graduate loved to sew and wanted to create her own clothing line. She was studying design at UCLA and had been working at Croft House on La Brea Ave. for about a year as a consultant.

Todd Kupfer said the family is doing its best to cope with the immense loss of their beloved daughter.

You can’t really move ahead, all you can do is move, so we’re trying to move and honor her as much as we can every day with our actions and our voices,” 彼は言った. ” But the pain obviously doesn’t go away. It’s with you every day.

Smith faces up to life in prison if convicted of murder. The Los Angeles District Attorney and the medical examiner’s office didn’t immediately return requests for comment.