Slash op sy nuwe album, sy verhouding met Axl Rose en om 'n Halloween-kostuum te wees

Slash sê die opname van sy jongste album was “nogal 'n avontuur” en “'n onvergeetlike ervaring.”

“Ons het ingegaan en ons het hierdie album regstreeks gedoen,” het hy in 'n onlangse onderhoud aan CNN gesê. “Ons het dit in omtrent vyf dae gedoen. It was a lot of fun to make.
The not so fun part, hy het gesê, was that they all caught Covid despite being extremely careful, including traveling to Nashville to record via bus so they could avoid flying on planes.
    Slash said it happened just after he got vaccinated and thankfully everyone is recovered and well.
      The new album, “4” by Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, is the group’s fourth and was recorded in April.
        He said the pandemic had an influence on the new projectespecially because there waspent up anxiety going into the music, wanting to get together and actually play after not playing for what had been a longer period of time than any of us are used to.
        That had a lot to do with sort of the urgency vibe of the record,” Slash said. “[Recording it live] was very cathartic. It was a big release to get in a room and play.
          Being in two bandshe’s of course best known as the guitarist for Guns NRosesSlash is so accustomed living life on tour, he said it wasdiscombobulatingto suddenly have live music shut down.
          But he stayed productive, hy het gesê, and is now happy to be back out performing.
          Slash said he’s looking forward to touring for the “4” album in February and loved the tour he did with Guns NRoses.
          That one went incredibly well, hy het gesê, in part thanks to the great relationship he, Axl Rose and the other band members are currently enjoying.
          When we got back together, that whole chemistry and that thing that makes what Guns NRoses is for me and Axl and Jeff [best known as Izzy], it all just sort of came together,” Slash said. “After that long a period of time, we’d sort of forgotten what that was like.
          Everybody got along great,” hy het bygevoeg. “That’s actually why the tour has kept going, because initially it was just going to be a couple of shows.
          As one of the world’s most famous guitarists, Slash has had some interesting moments, like having people enjoying dressing up as him for his favorite holiday, Halloween.
            He said he’s honored and sometimes freaked out by it.
            It’s a little unnerving to go someplace and run into yourself,” hy het gesê. “I do recall going to a party a few years ago and there were two of me, so it was a little bizarre.




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