Slaap op die werk? Maatskappy bied $  3,000 for 'Sleeping Beauty' to test out mattresses

Sê nou jy kan slaap kry? Wel, raai wat — jy kan: $ 3,000 om presies te wees.

Slaap Junkie, 'n beoordelingsplatform vir matrasse, is op soek na 'n “Slapende Skoonheid” wat sal betaal word vir sluimer.
Our Sleeping Beauty will become our official mattress tester, providing honest advice on some of the US’s top rated mattresses,” the website states.
Although this might sound way too good to be true, it is legit. The company says it saw a need for a role like this after noting a rise in search inquiries on getting enough sleep.
    The pandemic is obviously having a big impact on people’s sleep quality,” wrote Dorothy Chambers, the company’s in-house sleep expert.
    Qualifications include writing well and beingexceptionally good at sleeping,” the company says.
    You will also need to sleep alone so that your night’s sleep isn’t disturbed.
    If you’re selected, the company will send three mattresses over two months. You would then report back onsleep quality, mood and the comfort of the mattress.
      Once the review period is complete, you can select your favorite to keep for free and receive $ 3,000 for yourtime.
      If you love to sleep, this might be the easiest job ever. Die application is easy, ook.

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