Smiling alligator 'photobombs' Florida officer while trapped in sewer drain

通常は, 見つける an alligator trapped on a residential street would result in a very serious response. ある例では, しかしながら, police officers responding to a situation in Florida took advantage of a rare opportunity to take a photo with a smiling gator.

The Palm Bay Police Department shared a photo to its Twitter page that shows an officer taking a selfie with the gator. 通常は, this would not be safe, but the gator had apparently become stuck in a storm drain.

写真で, an officer can be seen standing a safe distance away from the animal, whose face is sticking out of the storm drain. It appears that the gator’s back or tail had become stuck.


The image is captioned, “When you’re just trying to take a normal sewer selfie and you get photobombed… (At least he smiled).”

In the image, the gator’s mouth is open, giving it the appearance of having a smile.

The post then reminds residents not to approach or feed gators under any circumstances and that they should be reported to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s hotline.

No animals (or officers) were harmed in the making of this photo,” the post continues, before concluding with hashtags saying that the photo is real andwelcome to Florida.

Many social media users were amused by the photo, with several making reference to the character Pennywise from the “それ” 映画 (the character is an evil clown that often lurks in the sewers).


Others, しかしながら, took the opportunity to say that while this picture is funny, it’s also a good reminder to avoid flooded streets and to always be mindful of wildlife.