Smokey Robinson made a one mother's Hanukkah very memorable

Smokey Robinson took a do-over at pronouncing Hanukkah for a fan on Cameo, the celebrity greeting service.

ザ・ Motown legend accidentally mispronounced the Jewish holiday when he read the Hebrew spelling Chanukah (Cha-NOOK-ah) and posted it on Twitter Sunday.
My mom grew up on the same street as Smokey Robinson in Detroit. So for Chanukah, I wanted to reunite them via @Cameo,” shared Jeff Jacobson, who commissioned the original Cameo for his mom. “But the video takes a strange twist.
Robinson had admitted he hadno idea what Chanookah is” ビデオで, so he re-recorded the message. “Hey @jeffjacobsonin the spirit of 2020, I’m gonna need a do-over! Please DM your mother’s phone number so we can try this again,” he tweeted Monday in a message to Jacobson.
    Jacobson sounded very appreciative of Robinson’s efforts.
      “ところで, @smokeyrobinson can pronounce it any way he damn well pleases,” Jacobson wrote. “He is a true legend whose music has been with me since birth. His kindness and generosity of spirit has already made this most-unusual 2020 Chanukah one of my family’s most memorable. また, my mom says hi.
      彼が追加した: “But you owe her and us nothing. 一年中アーカンソーについても考えていませんでした!”