'sMothered' star Karla clarifies drama over watching a sex tape with daughter Rykia

El Jacksonville, Pareja con sede en Alabama compran juntos, comen juntos y también se sabe que se depilan entre sí.

Karla, 44, y Rykia, 26, who are currently starring in the third season of the TLC show, also openly talk about sex and clarified the drama surrounding them viewing a sex tape together.

I wasn’t nervous. I’m just being open and honest,” Rykia told Fox News in reference to watching an explicit scene on her phone with her mom. “I think people took it like, 'Oh, Dios mío, we’re just watching like full out all kinds of scenes with each other’ — and that was not the case.


I specifically said in the clip, ‘You should do this, you should do that, to spice things up.’ I didn’t sit down and watch a whole scene,” Ella explicó.

Karla added, “I was like scrolling through deleted stuff because I wanted to get rid of some of the old stuff [on my phone], particularly videos. And I just happened to be at the video that we’re talking about.

Mother and daughter duo Karla (L) y Rykia (R) desde "sMothered."

Mother and daughter duo Karla (L) y Rykia (R) desde “sMothered.(TLC)

And because of our vibe, in the moment, it was a fun moment, and it was like, ‘Oh okay!’ It wasn’t like, ‘Girl, come over here. Let me look, let me show you what I’m doing right here,'” she joked.

Rykia told Fox News her closeness with her mother has never been an issue in past relationships. “The person understood and never had an issue with how open and honest we are,” ella dijo.


Karla also helps Rykia raise her son, Idris, whom she had when she was 16. “You have to understand the closeness between us,” Rykia said.

If you’re going to be a part of my life then you will know that this is how we are together. This is how we bond with each other. This is how we are as a family,” Karla echoed.

Mother and daughter duo Kathy (L) and Cristina (R) desde "sMothered."

Mother and daughter duo Kathy (L) and Cristina (R) desde “sMothered.(TLC)

mientras tanto, Kathy Crispino, 61, and Cristina Bertolli, 35, live in Chicago just five houses away from each other and they think their close relationship is misunderstood.

I do think that other people think that I’m just an overbearing mother, especially with my son-in-law. Y, sabes, we go back and forth and we banter a lot but at the end of the day, I loved him like crazy and he loves me,” Kathy told Fox News. “And we have a great relationship. I’d do anything for him. And the same thing with Christina. Sabes, I know it seems like I’m really overbearing, but I don’t know, maybe it’s just that they’re used to it and it’s not a problem.

Cristina explained to Fox News, “We do what we feel is comfortable, but we still respect each other. And even though my mom is in my life every day with my husband, quiero decir, she still respects my marriage and gives us time and space.

sMotheredairs Mondays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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