'SNL' brings back Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden to help out the President

ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)土曜日の夜のライブ” 1つではなく提供された聴衆, 2つではない, but three ジョーバイデンの 土曜日の夜に.

The NBC variety show opened Saturday’s episode with President Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, bummed out that no one likes him as much as they used to.
I don’t understand. People used to like me. The press would call me ‘Uncle Joe.I miss the old me. Where the hell did that guy go?” Johnson’s Biden asked.
    Then a ghostly fog filled the Oval Office and Jason Sudeikis, who is hosting this weekend’s episode, appeared as Vice President Joe Bidena character he famously played when he was a cast member on the show.
      Hey-o!” スデイキス’ バイデンは言った, donning a jacket and aviator sunglasses. “Trick or treat, smell my feet. Eh, I’m just kiddin’.
          He then told new Biden that he wasthe Ghost of Biden Past,” and explained that where he comes from, he’s still VP, which is an easy gig.
          We’re like America’s wacky neighbor,” 彼は言った. “We just pop in with an ice cream cone, some aviator shades, finger guns.
          Old Biden then told Johnson’s Biden to loosen up and started rubbing his shoulders and smelling his hair.
          The new Biden explained that it was harder for him to have fun because thelast President ruined everythingby doing things like serving McDonald’s at the White House and getting into fights with the Pope.
          “ワオ!” スデイキス’ バイデンは言った. “Hillary got awesome!”
          Then another fog appeared and yet another Biden, played by Alex Moffat, 登場. Moffat briefly played Biden last season.
          Who the hell are you?” スデイキス’ Biden asked.
          I’m Joe Biden,” Moffat’s Biden said.
          From when” スデイキス’ Biden asked.
          “行進, 2021,” he said before disappearing.
          The Ghost of Biden Past then said he should be getting back to 2013, but Johnson’s Biden didn’t want him to go.
          I can’t do this without you,” 彼は言った.
            Of course you can,” スデイキス’ バイデンは言った. “何を推測するので, buddy, you are me. And now I want you to stand tall, flash those 100% natural choppers we got and remember we may be from different eras, but at the end of the day we’re both Joe freakinBiden.
            Then two Biden’s came together to say the show’s signature catchphrase, “住む… From New York! It’s Saturday night!”