'SNL’ mocks NBC for hosting Trump, previous affiliations with Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer: ‘We have a type

'SNL' mocks NBC for hosting Trump, previous affiliations with Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer: 'We have a type'

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” included a “Weekend Update” segment that took aim at Presidente Trump and mocked NBC for hosting him at a town hall.

After mocking the president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's dueling town halls, the “Weekend Update” segment began with co-host Colin Jost making fun of Trump for continuing to host rallies despite the ongoing pandemic. The comedian dubbed the rallies Trump’s “coronavirus giveaways” as part of his “herd immunity tour.” Trump continues to recover from a case of the virus.

With that, co-host Michel Che went on to call out NBC for its controversial decision to host a town hall debate with Trump, moderated by Savannah Guthrie, at the same time that the Biden town hall aired on ABC.

“NBC held a town hall event with President Trump because, what can I say? We have a type," Che said as a photo of Trump alongside Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer appeared on the screen.


'Saturday Night Live' mocked NBC during its 'Weekend Update' segment.

'Saturday Night Live’ mocked NBC during its ‘Weekend Update’ segmento. (Will Heath / NBC)

All three men have been accused in some capacity of sexual misconduct. Cosby was known for his immensely successful NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show” before he was sentenced to up to a decade in prison nel 2018 for sexual assault. Nel frattempo, Lauer was one of the network’s top personalities before a slew of allegations forced the network to fire him from NBC News nel 2017. Business Insider reports that at least 26 women have accused the president of sexual misconduct since the 1970s.

Che continued his jokes about the dueling town halls by noting that the American people have already made up their minds in this upcoming election.


“Who are these town halls even for?” he asked rhetorically. "Intendo, who is still on the fence about this election? Whether you’re voting for Trump or Biden, you’ve made up your mind a long time ago and you’re probably not thrilled about it.”

He went on to mock Kanye West for throwing his hat into the 2020 elezione.

“These choices are so bad that Kanye is running and people are like ‘maybe?’ That wouldn’t happen if we had actual good candidates,” Che concluded. “Imagine if Kennedy lost to Nixon because Wisconsin went to Little Richard.”

The remainder of the “Weekend Update” segment didn’t let up on Trump or his family, with barbs about the president’s taxes, refusal to denounce the QAnon conspiracy and a brief bit in which cast members Alex Moffat and Kyle Mooney portrayed Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, rispettivamente.

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