Sneeuwscooter wat in Colorado gesterf het, is die 28ste slagoffer van sneeustortings regoor die VSA

Die lyk van 'n sneeuwscooter wat naby Rand vermis word, Colorado is gevind, volgens die Colorado Avalanche-inligtingsentrum. Die sombere ontdekking was die 28ste sterfgeval van die stortvloed hierdie seisoen.

Volgens amptenare, two snowmobilers were caught by a large avalanche near Ruby Mountain on Tuesday. The accident occurred on a slope at around 11,400 feet and the avalanche was about three quarters of a mile wide and 400 voete hoog.
One rider was buried in two feet in the snow and died while the other person was not injured, Volgens CAIC.
The riders were with four other snowmobilers at the time, but the man who died was standing on a steep slope away from his snowmobile when the avalanche occurred. He was swept downhill and his body was found Wednesday afternoon, CAIC reported.
    The name of the avalanche victim was not released.
      Also this week, a snowmobiler was buried and killed in an avalanche in the Squaw Creek Drainage area southeast of Alpine, Wyoming on Wednesday, according to CAIC, which keeps a running tally of avalanche deaths across the country.
      An avalanche occurs when a layer of snow collapses and travels downhill rapidly. Even though avalanches can form anytime if the right conditions are present, there is typically a sharp increase in avalanche deaths during the months of January and February. Worldwide, an average of 150 people are killed each year in avalanches, with roughly 27 of them in the US.

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