Social media erupts after Tom Brady snubs Jared Goff during Bucs-Rams postgame handshakes

Social media erupts after Tom Brady snubs Jared Goff during Bucs-Rams postgame handshakes

톰 브래디 is not a fan of losing.

The six-time Super Bowl champion is known for his competitive nature and obviously holds himself to a very high standard but he may have let that get the best of him following Monday’s 27-24 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.


Jared Goff headed toward midfield for the customary quarterback handshake but appeared to look lost as Brady was nowhere to be found.

Social media erupted over the apparent snub, which wasn’t a first for Brady this season.

“I guess Brady doesn’t know Goff well enough to shake his hand after losing. 아직, he knows every [쿼터백] after he wins,” Former Denver Broncos tight end and Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe said in a tweet.

“Brady is full of what the elephant left on the show ground. His attitude is bulljive and it’s time to call his a** out on it.”


Brady seemed to snub Chicago Bears 쿼터백 Nick Foles back in Octoberthe second time for himbut when he was asked why the six-time Super Bowl champ seemed to downplay what happened.

“I didn’t even think about that," 그 말했다 당시. “I think Nick Foles is a hell of a player and a Super Bowl champ. I don’t know one reason or another why I wouldn’t do that. Sometimes I run off the field, sometimes I haven’t. Sometimes if I have a personal relationship, like I have with Drew [번식] and Justin [Herbert] and Aaron [Rodgers] over the years.”

So perhaps Brady decided to just “run off the field” this week but maybe it had something to do with his performance.

FOXNEWS.COM에서 더 많은 스포츠 커버리지를 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

“I have to do a better job, 물론,” he said after the game, 통하다 The Athletic. “Tonight was very inefficient, didn’t [do] a very good job during the second half. The defense played great, kept coming up with huge stops, getting us the ball back. Offensively, we just couldn’t make the plays that were necessary to be efficient, and we had plenty of chances. We’ve got to get them fixed.”

Brady was 26 의 48 ...에 대한 216 야드, two touchdowns and two interceptions. 에서 7-4, the Bucs will face the reigning Super Bowl champions on Sunday before going on a Bye in Week 13.

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