South Carolina Army general reviewing viral video says focus is on doing 'the right thing the right way'

영창. Gen. 밀포드 비글 주니어, 포트 잭슨 사령관, S.C., 목요일에 트위터를 통해 Jonathan Pentland와 관련된 혐의 사건에 대한 조사에 대해 밝혔습니다., 42.

Lots of thoughts, opinions and perspectives out there about our unsettling and disturbing incident,” Beagle tweeted. “My focus and our teams focus going forward is to do the right thing the right way. ‘Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.'


Pentland, 백인은 누구인가, was charged Wednesday with third-degree assault and issued a personal recognizance bond, according to online jail records seen by the Associated Press. Records indicated he was no longer in Richland Jail custody as of Thursday.

His attorney information could not immediately be obtained.

비디오, posted Monday by a woman on Facebook and shared thousands of times, shows a man, identified as Pentland, demanding that a Black man leave the neighborhood before threatening him with physical violence.

You’re in the wrong neighborhood,” Pentland, standing on the sidewalk, can be heard saying to the other man before using an expletive. “I ain’t playing with you. … I’m about to show you what I can do.

According to Shirell Johnson, who posted the video, the incident happened in a subdivision of The Summit, which has a Columbia address but is technically outside the city’s limits. The video does not show what started the conflict. Johnson did not immediately respond to a message from the Associated Press seeking further details.

The recording begins with Pentland, 미국. Army sergeant first class stationed at Fort Jackson, allegedly asking the Black man what he’s doing in the area. The Black man says he was simply walking and not bothering anyone.


Throughout the three-minute video, the man identified as Pentland appears to continuously demand that the other man leave the neighborhood, getting in his face and, 한 지점에서, pushing the man, who almost falls to the ground.

“가자, 떠나 버리다,” 그는 말했다. “I’m about to do something to you. You better start walking right now.

At the end of the video, a woman who Pentland identifies as his wife can be heard telling the other man that he allegedly had picked a fight withsome random young ladyin the neighborhood, a claim the Black man then denies.

Johnson said authorities arrived at the scene and only gave Pentland a citation for malicious injury to property for slapping the man’s phone out of his hand and cracking it.

Black Lives Matter protesters were seen on video posted to Twitter Thursday, standing outside Pentland’s home and yelling for him to come out.

Later Thursday, Richland County Sheriff’s Department officials 트윗 that the protests at the Pentland home had grown violent.

The family was removed after it was vandalized,” the tweet states. “They were moved to another location and the neighborhood is being closed off except to residents.

Fort Jackson is the U.S. Army’s largest basic training facility.

Beagle tweeted Wednesday that he wouldbe transparent in the future with shareable informationand said the Department of Justice is also reviewing the incident.

“Fort Jackson의 지도자들은 최근에 게시 된 비디오에 묘사 된 행동을 결코 용납하지 않습니다.,” Beagle said in a statement included in the tweet. “This action deeply impacts our community – the neighbor in the Summit, the city of Columbia, Richland & Lexington counties, and our Army family.

He asked that communities and leadersexercise a degree of patience.

폭스 뉴스’ Danielle Wallace가이 보고서에 기여했습니다., as well as the Associated Press.

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