South Carolina principal takes third job at Walmart to help his students

South Carolina principal takes third job at Walmart to help his students

A South Carolina principal has taken a third job working overnight shifts at Walmart to help his struggling school, and he said the response by the community and the country inspired by his example have “oorweldig” hom.

Principal Henry Darby of North Charleston High School, in addition to being a city councilman, works from 10 P.M.. aan 7 A.M.. three nights a week stocking shelves at a local Walmart, and he donates the money from his job to help students pay bills, buy food, or pay tuition, as well as assist his teachers.

Oor 90 percent of the families at Darby’s school live below the poverty line, die Post & Courier reports.

I was born and reared here, and I saw the need, and I tell folks that people my age, that we basically do not ask for funds if we were to find a way to procure the dollars ourselves, that’s what we would do,” Darby toldAmerika verslae.” “So when I saw the needs of my students and their parents, I decided not to ask anyone for any dollars, just to accept another job.


Darby’s hard work attracted local and now national attention, en Walmart gave Darby a $ 50,000 check to use for his school in recognition of his efforts. Ook, several GoFundMe pages have been started to help Darby and his community. One of them has already raised more than $ 100,000.

Darby said his students were surprised to find their principal working at the retail giant.

Some of them felt this type of job was beneath me, but I tried to teach my students that all work that is honest is honorable,” hy het gesê.

As gevolg daarvan, some of them were inspired by his example and have also taken jobs at Walmart.

It’s beyond comprehension,” he said of the community response to his work. “I never thought this would come into existenceWhen the word got out, it just exploded. It got to the [koerant], and I’m just overwhelmed with the kindness of all who have sent in their donations. This is so great that people can come together to help on a common cause to help children.

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