South Korean network apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ images on Tokyo Olympics

Seoul-based MBC also posted reports of the recent assassination of President Jovenel Moïse as Haitian athletes walked into the Tokyo stadium during opening ceremonies, The Guardian said in a report.


The network flashed a picture of Dracula for Romania, pizza for Italy and salmon for Norway.

It referred to the US Marshall Islands, meanwhile, as “once a nuclear test site for the United States.”

The disastrous depictions left the news outlet red-faced.

“Inappropriate images and captions were used to introduce some stories,” the network, officially the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, said in a statement.

“We apologize to those countries, including Ukraine and our viewers,” it said.

Athletes from other nations were depicted with more benign — and sometimes bizarre — images and information.

For instance, Great Britain’s entrance into the arena included an image of Queen Elizabeth II, while El Salvador, where cryptocurrency is the legal tender, was depicted with a bitcoin symbol, the newspaper said.

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