South Korea's first transgender soldier found dead

서울, South KoreaSouth Korea’s first transgender soldier, 작년에 성전환 수술을 받고 퇴원 한 사람, 수요일에 그녀의 집에서 죽은 채로 발견되었습니다, 당국은 말했다.

Byun Hui-su, 23, who was a staff sergeant before being discharged after she had the operation in Thailand while on leave, was found by emergency officials at her home in the city of Cheongju, south of Seoul.
There was no immediate word on the cause of her death.
    A local counseling center, at which Byun was registered, reported to emergency officials that she could not be contacted since February 28, the local fire department said.
      Cheongju police confirmed the dead body they found in Byun’s home Wednesday was the former soldier. Authorities said it appeared she had been dead for a few days.
        Byun, who had expressed hope of continuing to serve in the military’s female corps, had been pursuing a lawsuit contesting her dismissal, with a hearing expected in April, according to a spokeswoman for military advocacy group Center for Military Human Rights Korea that had worked with her.

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