Veldbrande in Suid-Kalifornië dwing spelers van Chargers, insluitend die begin van QB, huise te ontruim

Several players and staff of the Los Angeles Chargers have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing fires in Southern California.

The order came due to mandatory evacuation mandates in the area due to the wildfires, team spokesperson Josh Rupprecht confirmed to CNN.
Justin Herbert, starting quarterback for the NFL team, was forced to evacuate his home. Hy het vertel “The Dan Patrick Showon Tuesday he was currently staying in a hotel due to the fires.
The team is assisting those affected throughout the process and says thatall are doing well.
    The Chargers are still operating under its normal schedule in preparation for its game on Sunday at the Denver Broncos.
      Meer as 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders from the wildfires in Southern Californiawhere the Silverado Fire and Blue Ridge Fire are burning. Both have collectively scorched more than 10,000 hektaar, and the Silverado Fire quadrupled in size on Monday.
      The two fires in Orange County are part of a record-breaking fire season in California, where at least 8,000 fire incidents have burned 4 million acres and killed 31 people thus far.

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