L'insegnante di educazione speciale vince $ 125G in FOX Bet Super 6, prevede di restituire alla chiesa locale

Special education teacher wins $  125G in FOX Bet Super 6, prevede di restituire alla chiesa locale

South Carolina native Josh Fulmer won the FOX Bet Super 6 montepremi, taking home $ 125,000 for making all the right predictions in last Sunday’s NFL matchups.

“I definitely am going to give some of the money back to my local church, the home church I grew up in and got married in,” Fulmer toldVolpe & Amici.”

Fulmer, a special education teacher, was one of eight FOX Bet Super 6 winners to make all the right picks in last Sunday’s NFL matchups of the 1.3 million people who entered. Fulmer wants to share the money with his family and “people in need.”

“Definitely going to set aside some money for my daughters for later on in life. Definitely plan on giving my family a really nice Christmas card, if you know what I mean.”


Giocare, tutto quello che devi fare è andare al FOX Super 6 app sul tuo telefono o tablet. Quando fai clic sull'app, you will see the entrywhich is freefor the NFL Sunday Challenge. Basta andare sull'app, scorri per la squadra che pensi vincerà e il margine di vittoria.

Come vinci? Bene, just pick the winners and the margins of victory of the six games listed on the FOX Super 6 app. Ottienili tutti e ti porterai a casa parte del montepremi del primo premio $ 1 milioni. (Il jackpot sarà diviso tra tutti coloro che avranno corretto ogni partita e margine di vittoria.)


“I made my picks earlier in the week. Saturday before the Sunday games. Things weren’t working for me in the past so I decided to do the opposite for some of these gamesmove some of the margins around, così, it just worked out for me this week,” Fulman said

“I was over at my grandparents’, found out I was 3 per 3 and then within the next 20-30 minuti, found out I was 5 per 5 and it really got real then. Definitely glued to the TV watching that Packers and Colts game. Called a couple of my buddies. You know we were over at my grandparentshouse, così, we were all just sitting around watching it together. It was really a fun time," Egli ha detto.

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