'Special Report' All-Star Panel on Trump raid, 아프가니스탄 탈레반 인수

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신원 미상의 남성: 나는 의회 감독 위원회가 이 상황이 얼마나 해로운지 충분히 이해할 것이라고 생각합니다..

신원 미상의 남성: I would encourage all my colleagues on the left and the right to reserve judgment and not get ahead of yourself because we don’t know what that document contains.

신원 미상의 남성: We have an FBI and a Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.

신원 미상의 남성: It seemed to motivate his base and people rushing to his defense and feeling as if he was being picked upon and martyred.

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브렛 베이어, 닻: 잘, the Justice Department saying that they are not comfortable now releasing the affidavit to back up the search warrant, so at least at this time we’re not going to see that. “Axios” says Senators Rubio and Warner send a bipartisan request for info on the Mar-a-Lago search. “first bipartisan effort at oversight of the FBI’s search on Mar-a-Lago and shows that members across the aisle are interested even after the unsealing of the warrant in more transparency from the DOJ over the rationale for that search.” “월스트리트 저널” 말한다, “The secrets of Mar-a-Lago, if the documents were serious nuclear secrets, you would think the Justice Department would have demanded their return as soon as that was known. And if such documents are floating around Mar-a-Lago, why tell the world via leak in the “워싱턴 포스트?”

그것으로, let’s bring in our panel, Juan Williams는 FOX News 분석가입니다., 모건 오르타 구스, 전 국무부 대변인, and Trey Gowdy, former Congressman from South Carolina. 트레이, you made an appearance in the taped segment before the panel and on the panel. 그래서, your thoughts about all of this?

TREY GOWDY, FORMER SOUTH CAROLINA REPRESENTATIVE: 더 많은 사실이 필요합니다. That’s the curse of being a lawyer, Bret is you want more facts. 그래서 술어와 함께, the probable cause for the search last week, I would like to see the affidavit. That’s one source of the anger.

The other source of the anger, 그러나, 솔직히, 브렛, is six years of belief on behalf of many Republicans that the blindfold has slipped and that lady justice is actually paying attention to who is in front of her. And that’s not going to be fixed with releasing the affidavit.

바이에르: 확인, but Trey, 진짜 빠른, in the justification of that, there is the 6-E ruling which indicates a grand jury. Perhaps there is a witness or witnesses that they are trying to protect. And the DOJ filing says they don’t want to go down some road because of the sensitivity of the classified material. Do you buy any of that?

GOWDY: 물론, which is why they all have these big old black pens where you can redact informant information, grand jury information, and ongoing other investigative information. 보기, we get redacted stuff all the time, 브렛. So tell us what you can tell us.

바이에르: 권리. 후안?

후안 윌리엄스, 폭스 뉴스 정치 분석가: I certainly understand Senator Warren or Senator Rubio wanting to lower the political tension around this right now. What we saw over the weekend was the FBI issuing this memo about an increase in prospective violence, threats against FBI officials, 심사 위원, and the like. So I understand the politics of it.

But you think about it, the Justice Department is doing this by the numbers, by the books. And as you just said and as Trey confirmed, it’s a grand jury proceeding, and a grand jury proceeding is done in private. It’s secret. It’s not supposed to be public. That would be wrong.

And it’s curious to me that you have people calling for the release of the affidavit and the grand jury stuff, because if no one is indicted, it’s supposed to protect innocent people. If President Trump is innocent, this would damage his reputation, and that’s not good.

And then the final point, 나는 생각한다, is it’s just laughable to be me that people are saying the FBI is a bunch of radical leftwingers? That’s nuts. 내말은, 알 잖아, FBI Director Wray is a Trump appointee.

바이에르: 괜찮아, 모건, respond to that, if you would. I guess it goes along the lines of skepticism after the years of investigations that go back into Russia and other things.

모건 오르타거스, 전 주무부 대변인: I think there is no doubt that there is a company culture problem at the FBI. And I say this having great respect for many of them that I have worked with around the world, especially during the war on terrorism when I was based in the Middle East, worked with many FBI agents and officers.

하나, you have got to look at the facts of the case. 들리다, if you are Hillary Clinton and this is 2016, she and her campaign would say that Jim Comey and the FBI threw the election for her by all of their announcements so close to Election Day. We also know we have Chuck Grassley saying that there is FBI agents, maybe in the dozens, who want to whistleblower over the investigation or lack thereof into Hunter Biden, that you have FBI agents that were conspiring against Trump on their cell phones.

그래서, there is enough there that I think that if we want to restore faith and trust in the FBI, which I absolutely do, if you want to do that, someone has to admit that there is a company culture problem. And it’s not the American people’s fault for being skeptical. It’s a culture issue that needs to be fixed.

바이에르: 그 동안에, the former president telling FOX News Digital that he wants to tone down the temperature, and he’s willing to do whatever it can take, 하지만 동시에, pushing back against all elements of the search and the raid.

그 동안에, one year after Afghanistan, 미국. withdrawal from there, take a listen.

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신원 미상의 남성: Does the president regret the decision that he made to pull the United States out of that country?

KATE BEDINGFIELD, WHITE HOUSE MUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: 절대적으로하지. The way we have been able to rally the west, rally the world against Putin’s aggression, that’s in part because we freed up our intelligence resources and our capacity to do that.

대표. 마이클 맥콜, (R-TX) HOUSE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MITTEE: We still have 1,000 American citizens left behind in Afghanistan a year later, 과 100,000 Afghan partners were left behind that we promised we would protect.

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바이에르: The House Foreign Affairs Committee out with a report. This is the Republicans report on Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. 인용하다, “주위에 3,000 Afghan security forces consisting of high-ranking officers to foot soldiers along with their military equipment and vehicles crossed the border into Iran. The recruitment of former Afghan military and intelligence personnel poses a major national security risk due to the fact that Afghan personnel know the U.S. military and intelligence community tactics, 기법, and procedures.

모건, there is a lot of levels to this. Your thoughts one year later about where we are now.

오르타거스: 잘, 브렛, I think it’s an anniversary of shame. It’s a shameful act that we saw happening a year ago, one of the worst foreign policy crises that happened in modern American history. And what continues to be shameful is there has been no resignations, no firings, still no one has been held accountable for the 13 dead Americans. No one is held accountable for the fact that ISIS Khorasan at this moment has a footprint in every province in Afghanistan. We learned two weeks ago that Al-Qaeda senior leadership was living in a safe haven just a mere few blocks from the vacant U.S. 대사관. We know in March that the Pentagon said that it was possible within a year that terrorists would be able to plot attacks against the United States from the soil in Afghanistan. We know that girls don’t go to school. 우리는 알고 있습니다 97 percent of the country is on the poverty line.

It is an epic disaster that happened in Afghanistan. It’s on this president’s watch. And he will live with that shame hung around his neck throughout history.

바이에르: It has been painful, 후안, Congressman Mike Waltz tweeted out this weekend, the older brother of one of the 13 killed in action in Kabul at the end there recently killed himself at his little brother’s memorial. 그냥 — there’s so many levels of sadness when it comes to how Afghanistan came to an end of U.S. military activity there.

윌리엄스: I think it’s a very sad situation. I just want to pick up on what Morgan said about the poverty and the young women unable to get an education. On the political side, 내가 말할 것, 보기, this was a policy, getting out, that President Trump signed on to. I think it was badly executed by President Biden. Long ago this was the forgotten war. Before that it was the forever war. And the idea that if we left Americans there, I think there is the possibility that we would be losing American troops on the ground and people would be upset that we were still in this forever war.

그래서, we are out of there. And I think you have to say that’s probably in keeping with the majority of Americanspublic sentiment on that. Just wish it had gone more effectively without the loss of life, the tragic loss of American lives, 내 관점에서.

바이에르: 트레이?

GOWDY: Heartbreaking is the word, 브렛. All of the life and the limb and the treasure that this country invested in Afghanistan is no better off. It is a safe haven for terrorists and a prison for women and girls. And I just hate it for the people who sacrificed over the past two decades.

바이에르: 패널, 언제나처럼, 감사합니다.

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