Stacey Abrams to guest star in 'black-ish' animated episode

Stacey Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, is about to enter the animated world of the Johnson family.

Abrams, a former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate and chair of the voting rights advocacy group Fair Fight, is set to lend her voice to the upcoming animated episode of ABC’s ‘black-ish,’ CNN has learned exclusively.
Nell'episodio, which is the the second of two new episodes scheduled to air back-to-back on October 4, Dre (Anthony Anderson) begins to explore local politics and, a un certo punto, seeks some advice from Abrams, la rete ha detto.
Stacey Abrams, seen here in an animted sneak peek with Anthony Anderson's Dre, is set to lend her voice to an episode of ABC'S 'black-ish.'

The two episodes are airing as a one-hour television special and will focus on following the familyas they navigate the upcoming presidential election,” a description added.
    Both episodes will be directed by Matthew A. ciliegia, whose animated short filmHair Lovewon an Oscar. Graham Towers & Ben Deeb wrote the animated episode.
      The special will set the stage for the official return of ‘black-ish’ in ottobre 21.
      Quest'anno, which is the show’s seventh season, ‘black-ishwill tackle current events like the global pandemic andthe movement for social justice and equality,” secondo ABC.

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