Stanford joins list of colleges mandating weekly COVID tests for vaccinated students

Weekly testing with Color Genomics will be required for all students living on campus, living in university provided off-campus student housing, or coming to campus, 예방접종 여부와 상관없이,” said Stanford Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole in in a letter to students announcing the decision Wednesday.

The move is a reversal from the decision the school made last month, when it eliminated the testing requirement for fully vaccinated students. But citing the highly contagious delta variant that has spread throughout the country in recent weeks, the school decided that reinstating the testing requirement was the best way to prevent spreading the virus on campus.

Stanford joins several other elite universities that have decided to require testing for vaccinated students, including Ivy League institutions such as 하버드, Princeton, 과 갈색.

The decisions come as schools across the country grapple with how to handle the return of students to campus amid a spike in cases largely driven by the delta variant. Schools in 위에 30 주 have announced their policy of requiring vaccination for students returning to campus, while other schools have mandated testing for those who have yet to receive the 백신.

The move to require vaccination has also caused some resistance among some students, with a growing number of them taking to the internet in search of ways to obtain a fake vaccination card.

I need one, 너무, for college. I refuse to be a guinea pig,” one student on said on Reddit in a thread about falsifying vaccination cards.

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