Staples和Office Depot希望帮助您证明Covid-19疫苗接种

只需要手机的日子已经一去不复返了, 按键, 和钱包走出门 (你好面具). With Covid-19 vaccinations becoming more widespread, you may soon need to carry proof that you’ve been vaccinated to do something like travel or go to a concert.

While some companies have been working on smartphone apps or other systems to create digital proof of vaccination, right now the paper CDC card is about all the proof you get.
That’s why Staples and Office Depot want to help you keep your paper card in good condition. The two companies are offering free laminations of completed Covid-19 vaccination cards.
      A spokesperson for Staples told CNN that the service is available at all Staples locations in the US and currently does not yet have an end date.
        The Office Depot offer is available at both Office Depot and Office Max locations. You must bring a copy of a coupon with your vaccine card to receive the free lamination. The offer is available through July 25.
            The CDC suggests taking a picture of your vaccination card as a backup copy if you need the information.
            But laminated or not, remember that you should not post a photo of your card on 社交媒体. No one needs to deal with identity theft right now.