'Star Trek' Day celebrates show's 55th anniversary with star-packed live-streamed panel events

The beloved and culture-defining science fiction series premiered on September 8, 1966 ushering in creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future. Although it only lasted for three seasons, the show, starring William Shatner, which is now referred to as “스타 트렉: The Original Serieshad a lasting impact that’s spanned several spinoff TV shows, 영화 산업, video games and countless comic books and novels.

지금, to celebrate the show’s enduring popularity and immensely dedicated fan base, cast members from across the franchise are getting together for live-streamed panel discussions that will discuss both the enduring legacy of the show and celebrate what would have been Roddenberry’s 100th birthday.


William Shatner as Captain Kirk. "스타 트렉: The Original Series" 초연 55 years ago on Sept. 8.

William Shatner as Captain Kirk. “스타 트렉: The Original Series” 초연 55 years ago on Sept. 8. (게티 이미지 )

According to the franchise’s website, the liver stream events will begin at 5:30 오후. PT from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, 칼리프. The event will be hosted by former “스타 트렉: 다음 세대” cast member Wil Wheaton and the daughter of his fellowTNGco-star LeVar Burton, Mica Burton.

Fans will also be treated to a live orchestra performance composed by Jeff Russo, who does the music for current shows “스타 트렉: Discovery” 과 “Star Trek Picard.

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Fans can stream the events 에 “스타 트렉” website as well as Paramount+. In addition to panels, the website promises legacy moments that will see key cast members like Patrick Stewart, George Takei, LeVar 버튼, Gates McFadden and more telling famous stories from the event and even making some big announcements.

There’s currently no shortage of potential announcements that could come out of Paramount as it’s been expanding its “스타 트렉” offerings for a while now.

“스타 트렉: Discoverycontinues to mush along while “스타 트렉: Picardis poised to air its second season. 그 동안에, animated shows like the comedyLower Decks” 과 “Prodigyare coming along for the streaming service exclusively.

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