State Department's IG launching  investigations into Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal

The reviews will focus on the State Department’s Special Immigrant Visa program, Afghans processed for refugee admission into the U.S., resettlement of refugees and visa recipients, and the emergency evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, according to an Oct. 15 memo to Secretary of State Blinken first reported by Politico and confirmed by Fox News.

Diana Shaw, the acting inspector general at State, told Congress that her office was launchingseveral oversight projectsrelated to the end of the U.S. military and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

Given the elevated interest in this work by Congress and the unique circumstances requiring coordination across the Inspector General community, I wanted to notify our committees of jurisdiction of this important work,” Shaw wrote in a letter to the foreign affairs and intelligence committees of both the U.S. House and the U.S. 上院.

Other inspectors general offices, including those at the Department of Defense and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, are also likely to launch similar probes of the withdrawal, ポリティコが報告した. トップストーリーの詳細については、ここをクリックしてください.

Top Biden officials keep being MIA during crises
Congressmen denied access to Afghan refugees at US base in Qatar, 担当者. Issa says
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WH’s reaction to Biden without mask in posh restaurant likely to surprise 君は

Youngkin campaign ad uses McAuliffe’s words to showcase his stance against parents influencing schools
The campaign of Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has clapped back after his Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe accused the Republican of “ねじれ” his words on education.

Two weeks before Election Day, Terry McAuliffe is struggling to save his campaign,” Youngkin spokeswoman Macaulay Porter told Fox News. “後 3 weeks of confirming more than half a dozen times that he meant exactly what he said in the debate, McAuliffe has been ordered by panicked DC Democrats to stop spouting anti-parent screeds.

But it’s too lateTerry showed us his heart,” Porter added. “This is what he believes. His attempt to fool Virginians is pathetic, and parents know the truth because the videos don’t lie. Terry will have to answer for that in two weeks on Election Day.

Youngkin is launching an ad showing footage of the seven times McAuliffe said he doesn’t want parents determining what schools teach their children. The ad, which the campaign exclusively provided to Fox News, uses footage of McAuliffe’s own words to make his position clear.

I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” マコーリフ, who served as Virginia’s governor from 2014 に 2018, said during a September debate. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.

A recent Fox News poll found that 57 percent of Virginia parents said that parentsshould be telling schools what to teach.詳細はこちらをクリックしてください.

Conservatives スラム McAuliffe ally who declared, ‘Only cure for stupid is education’
– ジョナサンターリー: VP HarrisMcAuliffe endorsement video may violate federal law
Harris hitting campaign trail with McAuliffe amid tight 人種 for Virginia governor
– フォックスニュース世論調査: Schools, 経済 driving close Virginia governor’s race

クリストファースティールABCのインタビューは元トランプの役人によって非難された: 「彼はジェームズ・ボンドではありません’
A former Trump administration official told Fox News on Monday that ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele – who largely defended his controversial dossier of salacious allegations against Donald Trump in a recent ABC interview – is not the intrepid British spy he claims to be.

He’s no James Bond,” 元国防総省のスタッフのチーフ、カッシュ・パテルは語った “タッカーカールソン今夜,” after the former spy did a sit-down with ABC NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos and implied there is still a potential that allegations in the dossier could still be borne out.

I think the Russians felt they got pretty good value out of Donald Trump when he was president with the U.S,” Steele replied when pressed by Stephanopoulos as to why the salacious video purporting to show Trump in bed with Russian prostitutes had yet to be publicly substantiated.

When asked if a ‘Trump 2024bid would be a threat to national security, Steele replied in the affirmative.

Patel told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the former British agent, along with the FBI, “knew from jumpthat the information in the ex-spy’s dossier was unreliable. 詳細はこちらをクリックしてください.

CNN’s Stelter 尋ねる Democratic attorney embroiled in Russiagate for media advice on covering democracy
Steele dossier author still believes Michael Cohen colluded with Russia in Prague despite DOJ report

– コリン・パウエル デッド で 84 COVID-19合併症から
Philly train riders may have recorded rape on phones, may be charged
Texas lawmakers パス new congressional maps bolstering GOP
– シュヴァルツェンバー, レッドソックス スラム アストロズ 12-3, lead ALCS 2-1
– タイタンズ やめる Josh Allen on crucial 4th down to hold on for win, ファンはビルズが正しいプレーをしたかどうかを議論します

Some Dems urge Nancy to pump the brakes on tax plan
– 共和党 fights back after Dem says a state is ‘irrelevantto America’s economy
– これら です the best places to retire in the US for 2021-2022
Major television station owner 打つ with ransomware attack
– ウォルマート 発表 Black Friday shoppingwith a twist


ショーンハニティ said vaccine mandates supported by President Biden and the Democrats are unscientific and moreover are vilifying the exact people he and many others on all sides lauded for their bravery and professionalism during the worst early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

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