Stephen Miller blasts Mayorkas: Open borders policy making US ‘complicit’ with groups ‘profiting off misery'

On “Fox News Primetime,” host Brian Kilmeade noted that Vice President Harris – whom President Biden tapped as the authority figure on the border – has yet to visit the overrun DHS child detention facilities in Texas or the border itself. Critics pointed out that in a recent trip to New Hampshire, she was instead near “the wrong border” – with Canada.

“Fox News confirmed that the construction — get this — the construction on the border wall will resume [for] 13 miles in the Rio Grande Valley,” Kilmeade told Miller, adding it essentially proves Trump’s “walls work” mantra correct.

Miller, however, attributed the news of the levee wall being built in that area to pressure on Mayorkas from Border Patrol agents on the ground.

“The key thing for the audience tonight to understand is that every single day, at least, at least one thousand illegal aliens are getting across the border without ever being apprehended. This is known as got-aways. So that’s a thousand people minimum per day that border agents know are out there but they can’t physically get to because they are pulled off the line dealing with the humanitarian crisis,” said Miller.

“Who is among those thousand? You will have drug dealers, you will have gang members, you’ll have criminals. You also have people coming here just to take jobs from hard-working Americans,” Miller continued.

“That is a public safety, public health, and national security crisis, Brian.”

Kilmeade reported that Mayorkas has claimed America has a big heart and is showing compassion for illegal alien minors from troubled countries.

Miller replied that the opposite was true:

“This is a heartless policy. These children are sexually and physically abused by these smugglers and coyotes,” he said. 

“These women that come across with the children are also physically and sexually abused then when they come to the United States many have to pay off debts to cartels and coyotes, they’re sex trafficked and labor trafficked.”

He noted that many are not being tested for coronavirus, as many are not subject to the same socioeconomic restrictions as American citizens in that regard.

“The only people benefiting from this are criminal organizations that profit off of human misery – and this administration is complicit in it.”

Miller pointed out he, along with the state of Texas, is therefore suing the Biden administration to end catch-and-release and restore “order on our border.” 

The lawsuit seeks to force Biden and Mayorkas to enforce federal immigration law and deport all therefore qualified illegal immigrants.

A Miller-founded group, America First Legal, is also suing the White House after it discriminated against White farmers through the Biden-touted “American Rescue Plan”‘s provision that denies billions of dollars in federal coronavirus aid based solely on skin color.

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