Stephen Miller calls out Joy Reid for defense of Harris' refusal to visit border

MILLER: Eerstens, is daar 'n belangriker saak vir enige land as of dit nou al dan nie is?, verdedig en handhaaf 'n grens? What nation and what civilization has long endured that failed to protect and defend its own borders? It’s fundamental to survival as a country, as civilization.

Secondly, what do we think the odds are that she has doors on her homes and locks on those doors? ek bedoel, what are the odds that she has a car that she locks when she leaves it at night. ek bedoel, this is our country we’re talking about, and what about all the people as you mentioned that are raped and brutalized on the journey north? She wants to blame American colonialism? Do you know whether a caused poverty? Do you know what caused mayhem throughout the western hemisphere and in particular Latin America? Leftist governments and socialist policies and Marxist policies. That destroyed the economies of Latin America, and then they want to export these policies here.


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