Stephen Miller het Biden veroordeel omdat hy nie die suidelike grens tydens 'n perskonferensie aangespreek het nie

STEPHEN MILLER: Joe Biden spoke for two hours and he spent all of his time focusing on the wrong border which is Ukraine’s border and not America’s southern border. Laat ons baie duidelik wees, what’s happening on our suidelike grens today and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that is getting Americans killed. Killed with drugs, killed with gangs, killed with crime. It’s resulting in hospitals being overloaded, our schools being overloaded our police departments being overloaded, our public health, public financing system. It is an ongoing catastrophe. We need to focus on our border here at home. Let’s be very clear about something. Wanneer Donald Trump left office there was no catch and release. If you crossed illegally, you either went home, you went to Mexiko, or a willing, veilig, third country, periode. Joe Biden inherited that perfect, seamless system and he ripped it to shreds. Just like he ripped apart our vetting system that was used to keep out foreign nationals like the individual who committed a terrorist attack at the synagogue. Biden owns and Biden created the neverending disaster on our border.





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