Stephen Miller stresses importance of immigration reform lawsuits: 'Innocent people' will be killed

“The lawsuit being filed by Florida, along with Texas and Arizona, is the most important lawsuit that is happening in the country right now,” he said on “Sunday Morning Futures.

In early March, Florida AG Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit to halt Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) guidance that narrows the number of illegal immigrants prioritized for arrest and deportation. Several other states, such as Arizona, Texas, Montana and Louisiana, followed suit.


Miller explained that under “normal” administrations, detained immigrants would be placed into ICE custody to then be deported. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has halted this procedure in a majority of cases.

“So all of those criminal offenders are now being released back into the U.S. population,” he said. “The result of that is going to be a massive amount of recidivism – innocent people are going to get hurt, innocent people are going to get killed, innocent people are going to suffer irreparable damage as a result of that decision.”

“And if there’s anything in the world that a judge should enjoin and say, ‘No, this is illegal,’ it’s that ICE directive.”

Miller accused the left of attempting to change rhetoric surrounding violence in America. He insisted that the war on law enforcement has caused a major spike in crime and it must be challenged.

“If you want to save thousands of lives in this country every single year, take the strategies and tactics that New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani deployed in the ’90s and apply those nationwide. Support our cops. Long prison sentences. Take violent offenders off the streets. And in the case of criminal illegal immigrants, send them home.”

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