Stephen Miller warns of 'irrevocable' damage if Republicans don't take back Congress in midterm elections

스티븐 밀러: It’s been the most disastrous first half of a presidency that I think has occurred in American history. And so there needs to be a thunderous repudiation, a historic repudiation in November. And I believe that if there is a very large conservative House majority backed up by a Senate majority, we’ll be able to shut down and unwind some of these policies and prevent truly irreparable and irreversible damage from happening. That’s the best we can hope for. If that doesn’t happen, I fear the damage will be permanent and irrevocable.

When Bill Clinton pivoted, he was a young, vital man in the prime of his career, and he wasn’t nearly as Left or nearly as disastrous as Joe Biden, but he governed a lot more Left before he lost the ’94 midterms. But he was a man who had a viewpoint, who had a philosophy, who had a conviction and a presence of mind. Joe Biden is too addled, too old, too deteriorated, and too confused to overrule the Marxist and ultra-Left advisers who are around him and running everything from the Domestic Policy Council to the National Security Council to Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Education and everything on in between. He doesn’t have the presence of mind to control his own government, even if he wanted to.


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