Stephen Moore rips ‘absurd’ $2G stimulus push: ‘We are spending money like it’s M&M’s

Stephen Moore rips 'absurd' $  2G stimulus push: 'We are spending money like it’s M&M's'

Economist Stephen Moore dismissed the bipartisan push for $ 2,000 新冠病毒 stimulus checks as “荒诞” 星期四, defending 参议院 Majority Leader 米奇·麦康奈尔‘s decision to the quick action vote on the Senate floor hours earlier.

The co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and member of President Trump’s economic recovery task force told “每日简报” that he does not support the administration’s push to increase direct stimulus payments from $ 600 至 $ 2,000 — 某事 王牌 和房子 Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif。, have fiercely supported.


Let me first go on record and say, it’s absurd, 的 $ 2,000 支票,” Moore said.

I think it’s important to realize, we have spent now, 已经 $ 2.5 兆. That’s more money than we collect and income taxes for an entire year. 加, this would add another $ 500 billion to the debt,” 他解释. “加, President-elect Biden is now saying he wants another one or $ 2 trillion dollars stimulus on top of that.

Moore said the U.S. government has beenspending money like it’s M&M’sover the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not a way to stimulate the economy,” 他争辩, 警告, “We are passing these costs onto our children and grandchildren.

麦康奈尔, R-Ky。, in floor remarks lambasted the House-passed bill for $ 2,000 stimulus checks associalism for rich peopleearlier Thursday. His comments came days after he introduced his own bill for $ 2,000 刺激检查, tying them to other Trump priorities: repealing controversial Section 230 liability protections for online platforms and investigating election security. He made no promises that the bill would be considered, only vague comments that the Senate wouldbegin a process to bring these three priorities into focus.

Moore said McConnell’s latest demands arereasonable,” arguing that Americans would benefit more from a safe reopening of the country than from a boosted stimulus check.


The best way to help the economy, I would say to all the senators, is to get the jobs back, in states like California, New York that’s destroying restaurants, small businesses, retailers. There is no reason so many of these places are shut down like this,” Moore said.

“顺便说一下,” 他加了, “the ultimate stimulus to the economy is the vaccine.

福克斯新闻’ Tyler Olsen contributed to this report.