Steyn warns of China's aspirations for global dominance: They've reduced America to 'cheap, service economy'

斯蒂恩: Beijing now has more billionaires than New York City. In the last year, the Chinese capital has overtaken the Big Apple to become the billionaire capital of the world. How’d that happen?

好, take a look at your house: Everything in it’s made in China – not just the kitchen plates and the crappy T-shirts. We were told in the Nineties: Forget about manufacturing – it’s not economically viable for Americans to make widgets and clothing; but don’t worry, we’re gonna be the quoteknowledge economy”. Then somehow China snaffled all the knowledge, so they make all our laptops and smartphones, and all the Huawei and 5-G stuff.

And because of that they’ve reduced much of America to a cheap service economy – baristas, Broadway usherettes, the night clerks at the convenient store, all the in-person stuff that got clobbered by the Covid a year ago. 哦, 是的, they also make our viruses, and they make the personal protective equipment that protects you against their viruses. They make our medicines.