Suburban mom on why she’s backing Trump: Biden can’t even say the words ‘law and order

Suburban mom on why she's backing Trump: Biden can't even say the words 'law and order'

A suburban woman Trump supporter appeared on Fox News Wednesday to explain why she is supporting the president for the 2020 선거.

“He’s kept every promise that he has made over the past four years. He has done more in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 연령,” Lauren DeBellis Appell told여우 & 친구.”

Appell said the election should be assessed based on the 2020 후보자’ “policies” as opposed to their “personalities.”

“I think it is just so important that we look in this election, that we don’t look at it as personality, we start to look at it as policies and it is so easy to get caught up in Twitter feeds, 그러나, it is really about the policies and the policies that both of these two candidates are proposing and that’s what we should be focusing on this election,” Appell said.


Biden is ahead in three key states that Trump won in 2016, according to new Fox News statewide surveys of Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Support for reelecting Trump falls below his 2016 vote share in each state. 동시에, there’s room for improvement, as more voters approve of his job performance than back his reelection.

Biden’s advantage comes from strong support among women and suburban voters. Moreover, suburban women in all three states trust Biden over Trump to handle coronavirus and policing/criminal justice.

Biden is preferred over Trump by 49% ...에 40% among likely voters in Arizona. That 9-point lead is outside the margin of error. The Libertarian ticket headed by Jo Jorgensen receives 3% 과 6% are undecided.

Biden’s lead comes from significant support among seniors, women and Hispanics. He’s up by 46 points among Hispanics, 16 points among women, 과 12 points among voters ages 65 and over.

게다가, Biden is ahead among suburban women (+15) and suburban voters overall (+7).

Appell said the “safety” of families is paramount to suburban women in the 2020 선거.

“First and foremost, I think the safety of our families and if you look, Joe Biden can’t even say the words law and order,” Appell said.

Appell went on to say, “It took him months to even kind of sort of somewhat condemning all of the riots and the looting going on in this country, and even now, we’re being told that this is a mostly peaceful protest. Donald Trump has gotten the support of countless police organizations and unions that have reluctantly come out to even support anybody in past elections and if they did, it was always the Democrat because they know this president has their back.”

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