Subway customer filmed ranting at worker over ‘rightto not wear mask: ‘I am free

Subway customer filmed ranting at worker over 'right' to not wear mask: 'I am free'

Getting a 三明治 shouldn’t be this stressful.

Employees and customers at a Subway were forced to watch a man yell and throw items after refusing to abide by the restaurant’s mask requirements. During the incident, which was caught on film, the unmasked man hurled a variety of insults and excuses, and even claimed that the health department was “over” after an employee tells the man that the mask mandate reflects a local health department ordinance.

警告: Videos below contains profane language.

Reddit user Optygen uploaded the footage to the site’s Public Freakout forums, although the post does not say at which Subway location the incident took place. The post was captioned with “I am free,” referencing one of the many phrases shouted by the man in the video.


在镜头中, the unruly man can be seen arguing with Subway employees while several other customers wait in line behind him. He appears to be the only person not wearing a mask inside the restaurant.

When the worker informs the man about the policy regarding facemasks, and that the health department couldshut [的] restaurant down,” the man responds, “The health department’s over, don’t listen to them.”

When this fails to convince the worker, 他说, “I have freedom! I have rights! Serve the people!”

The worker then reminds him that she has the right to deny him service if he’s not wearing a mask, to which he says, “I’m not forcing you, you’re forcing me! I am free!”

后来, the man threatens to make a phone call, perhaps to the authorities, to which the worker responds, “Call who you need to.”

As the man becomes more frustrated, he yells, “I have free! Serve my sandwich!”

He then yells, “I want my sandwich,” to which she responds, “I want you to wear a mask.”


Towards the end of the footage, the unmasked man turns to the remaining customers, seemingly looking for support. When nobody responds, he asks the group, “What’s your fing problem?” and then mocks them for wearing masks.

He then slams a bag of chips on the ground and storms out of the restaurant. Another man appears to be waiting for him by the door and the two men leave together, free of sandwiches.


A representative for Subway was not immediately available to confirm where or when the incident took place.

Commenters on both Reddit and Twitter, 与此同时, were quick to remind the man that he was not “自由” to go mask-less anywhere he pleases.

You are free to make your own sandwich at home,” one wrote.

The man is very very confused about his ‘rights’. Don’t they teach that kind of thing in school? Why are so many people confused about this?” 问 另一个.


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