Super Bowl champ takes swipe at Tim Tebow, campaigns for own NFL comeback

Jacobs, 38, has not played in a regular-season game since the 2013 season with the 뉴욕 자이언츠. It was his second stint with the Giants after having spent the previous season with the 샌프란시스코 49ers.

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The retired running back tweeted he wanted to make it as a defensive end and took a swipe at Tebow.

Well since Tebow came back after being off a good bit, I am announcing today that I to will comeback. I will play defensive end for whatever team gives me a chance!!!” 그가 썼어.

I am really serious about coming back as a defensive end. I can still run, I am strong and there’s no way Tim Tebow is a better athlete than I am. I just need a shot that’s it!! If I can’t cut it I’ll take it like a man. Just give me one chance that’s all!!” 그는 덧붙였다.


Jacobs played for the Giants for eight years between 2005 과 2011 and again in 2013. He never took a defensive snap.

Tebow last appeared in an NFL regular-season game in 2012 but made appearances in camp for the 뉴 잉글랜드 패트리어츠필라델피아 이글스 before trying his hand at being a broadcaster and an outfielder in the New York Mets’ organization.

He has faced a tremendous amount of criticism upon his return and his try at tight end. He only had one snap as a receiver in his career during the regular season.

The Jaguars have been willing to give him a shot and make it onto the roster. The starting job for the position is a bit wide open as the team brought in six tight ends in the offseason to compete for at least three spots.

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