Il pattinatore artistico olimpico nato negli Stati Uniti che rappresenta la Cina ha sbattuto sui social media cinesi dopo una performance fallita: The Bengals' viral sensation 'The Cart' is headed to Los Angeles

Move aside Joe Burrow, the true franchise star of the Cincinnati Bengals is rolling towards Super Bowl LVIget ready for ‘The Cart.

More commonly found in high-school classrooms, the Bengalsthree-tiered metal cart went viral in October after being wheeled out for media conferences.
The contraption was initially used by the Bengals to conduct interviews outdoors as a result of Covid-19 restrictions with journalists placing microphones, recorders or phones on the cart.
    Like all true sporting comeback stories, the improvised mic stand was initially mocked before becoming a beloved in-joke of the Bengals team and fans.
      It even has its own unofficial Twitter account, further reinforcing affection for the cart by running a campaign of support for local Cincinnati charities in the run up to the Super Bowl on February 13.
        And as the Bengals get ready to take on the Los Angeles Rams on their own turfonly the second time in NFL history a team has played the Super Bowl at their home stadiumthe mic cart is having a bit of a Hollywood moment.
        Starting route to SoFI Stadium,” the GPS voiceover says, in un video posted on the Bengalsofficial Twitter account.
          The journey of a lifetime. Official: The Mic Cart is going to the Super Bowl,” the accompanying tweet read.
          The cart’s emergence has coincided with an unprecedented stellar season for the Bengals, with the Cincinnati team playing in the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989.
            A dramatic overtime victory over the favored Capi di Kansas City in the AFC title game stamped their ticket to the big game in Los Angeles, putting the Bengals a victory away from a first ever Super Bowl triumph.
            And should the Bengals triumph, don’t be surprised to see the Vince Lombardi trophy being paraded on that very special four-wheeled chariot in Ohio.

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