Supreme Court ruling: Fmr Planned Parenthood director argues Left's extreme stance on abortion sparked ruling


애비 존슨: I think that we have Trump to thank for this, for putting constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court. 그러나, 내말은, 정말, I think the left has done this to themselves. They have swung this pendulum so far to one side that the safe, legal and rare argument made sense to a lot of people. It made sense to independents. It made sense to moderate Republicans. But swinging this pendulum so far to the left, where they are now demanding abortion on demand for any reason all through nine months of pregnancy, and they want us to pay for it. That is something that just doesn’t make sense to the majority of Americans. It doesn’t make sense to the bulk of Democrats. And so they have really done this to themselves by taking such an extremist position on abortion. And people finally rose up and said, this is crazy, this is ridiculous. This is not something that I want to support. The states rose up, they passed legislation and now here we are with the end of Roe.

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