Survivors' stories from Mariupol cannot be ignored, Biden must meet with Zelenskyy face-to-face

Since the first bombing almost three weeks ago, besieging Russian forces have relentlessly shelled this city of 400,000 mense. It is a barrage of death, indiscriminately raining fire on maternity wards, apartment buildings, theaters and homes.

As a humanitarian aid worker, I thought I had seen it all. I am writing this from Kyiv, surrounded by destroyed apartment buildings and rubble. But according to stories told by those who have escaped from this beseiged town, Mariupol is far worse. I’ve spent the last week speaking to survivors, those who have escaped after more than a fortnight of incessant shelling.

versoek Biden om MiG's te stuur: LEEF OPDATE

Ivan, a Mariupol resident and Red Cross volunteer, says conditions are beyond the point of dire. “It is impossible to stay here, all houses are destroyed, there is nowhere to hide — no water, no light, no food, no medicine.There are only three Red Cross representatives left inside Mariupol. “But no one can do anything,” says Ivan.