'Swim' star Joey Lawrence says upcoming film is an 'escapism' from real life

“수영” is set to be part of Tubi’s shark month content, 에 따르면 여우 5 새로운. 45세의 배우는 이 영화가 시청자들에게 현실에서 벌어지고 있는 드라마에서 벗어날 수 있기를 희망한다고 아울렛에 말했습니다..

I want people toforget all about the real-life headlines and all the real-life drama that is falling upon us hourly, minute-by-minute, and just sit back for a couple hours,” 로렌스 콘센트에 말했다.

This will be escapism hopefully for a lot of people, a thrill ride for a lot of people. Have some popcorn, sit down with the family and friends and just watch a good old-fashioned shark try to catch some people in the water,” the actor continued.


Joey Lawrence believes his upcoming film 'Swim' will give viewers a type of 'escapism' from real life. The film is part of Tubi's shark month content.

Joey Lawrence believes his upcoming film ‘Swimwill give viewers a type of ‘escapism’ 실생활에서. The film is part of Tubi’s shark month content. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage via Getty Images)

“바라건대, it will just be fun, that’s what this movie is intended to be: fun.

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Lawrence recently announced his engagement to actress Samantha Cope in an interview with Page Six. It’s unclear when the two actors actually got engaged.

When you least expect it, 명백하게, is like when it usually works right in between all the plans that we make,” 그만큼 “SWIMstar revealed to the outlet in the interview published Tuesday. “And I just met the most amazing person ever. Like your best friend and that person you really do share pretty much everything in common with.

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I know when you grow up, you always hear about opposites attract. But as we get older we realize you really do have to grow old with your best pal because there are so many areas in life where, 알 잖아, it will tear you apart if you’re not.

“수영” premieres on Friday, 8월. 13 on Tubi.

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