Switzerland's female soldiers can finally stop wearing men's underwear

For the first time ever, 그만큼 Swiss army is going to give its female recruits women’s underwear, as the force looks to attract more women to its ranks.

현재, female soldiers are issued with men’s underwear, but two different sets of women’s undergarments, for warmer and colder weather, will be tested during a trial starting next month, Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, spokesman for Armasuisse, the Swiss armed forcesprocurement organization, 수요일 말했다.
Armasuisse told CNN in a statement thatprevious army equipment and uniforms were too little or not at all geared to the specific needs of women.
    The underwear trial is part of a wider update of military uniforms, which were developed and designed in the 1980s, according to Armasuisse.
      During the development phase, the ergonomics of women, 다른 것들 사이, were taken into account,” 성명은 계속.
        While men and women will wear the same combat uniforms, items have been updated to allow individual adjustments. 예를 들면, the new camouflage trousers will feature an adjustable waistband.
        The underwear news comes shortly after the army announced its desire to attract more female recruits.
          To mark International Women’s Day earlier this month, the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport said it wanted to increase the proportion of women in the military.
            The ministry said it would implement anew service for womenand promotethe reconciliation of military service, 작업, education and family.
            Women make up less than 1% of the Swiss army, but officials want to increase that proportion to 10% 으로 2030. 에 2019, Viola Amherd became the first female defense minister in the country’s history.

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