Symone 샌더스, Harris' chief spokesperson, 백악관을 떠나다

Symone 샌더스, 카말라 해리스 부통령’ chief spokesperson and senior adviser, 올해 말 바이든 행정부를 떠난다, 결정에 정통한 소식통에 따르면.

Symone has served honorably for 3 연령,” the source told CNN. “The President and Vice President are grateful for Symone’s service and advocacy for this White House. She is a valued member, a team player, and she will be missed. We are grateful to have her working through the end of the year.
샌더스, a 31-year-old African American political strategist, joined the White House from Joe Biden’s 2020 대통령 선거, on which she served as a senior adviser. She was also the national press secretary for Vermont Sen. 버니 샌더스’ 2016 presidential campaign and was a political analyst for CNN prior to joining Biden’s campaign.
    During her time in the vice president’s office, Sanders oversaw a communications staff repeatedly followed by questions over the effectiveness of its messaging.
      해리스, who has been dogged with messaging challenges since her unsuccessful presidential campaign, has publicly fumbled the White House’s message during her time as vice president.
        2 월, 웨스트버지니아 민주당 상원의원. Joe Manchin expressed frustration over a television interview Harris did in his home state to promote the American Rescue Plan, suggesting the administration did not give him a heads up.
        During her first foreign trip, 해리스 — who heads diplomatic efforts to stem migration from the Northern Trianglehad to deal with the fallout over her response about why she has not at that point visited the US-Mexico border as vice president.
          And over the summer, White House had to dive into damage control following reports of dysfunction within Harris’ 직원.
          The interview during which she made the border comment came after Harris had participated in a wide-ranging media training session to improve her delivery and presentation in interviews and speeches. That training had been one of several sessions over the last year, according to multiple sources.
          9 월, the vice president’s office also attempted to contain the fallout over Harrislack of pushback in an exchange with a student who characterized Israel’s actions toward Palestinians asan ethnic genocide and a displacement of people.
          Since the messaging missteps, the vice president’s office has hired two communications veteransLorraine Voles, a crisis communications specialist, and Adam Frankel, a former Obama speechwriterto focus their efforts onorganizational development, strategic communications and long-term planning,” 백악관에 따르면.
          Sanders had previously made her White House ambitions known, writing in her 2020 회상록, “아니, You Shut Up,” “One day I want to be White House press secretary.
            Bakari Sellers, a friend of Sanders, told the Washington Post this past spring that the decision to make Jen Psaki the White House press secretarystungSanders and that being passed overhurt.
            This story has been updated with additional details.

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