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Ayton scores 26, Suns beat Kings for 10th straight home win

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The Suns haven't lost in their home arena for nearly a month, but struggled to put away the Kings for much of the night, taking a 95-94 lead into the fourth quarter. Sacramento took its first lead of the second half ...

Garcia’s 2-run homer in 10th lifts Rangers over Rays 6-4

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Garcia drove a 1-2 pitch from Cody Reed (0-1) the other way into the right-field stands. The native of Cuba leaped into the air and pumped his fists as he rounded first base, setting off a celebration in the Texas du...

Campbell wins Toronto-record 10th straight, Maple Leafs roll

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"To win 10 in a row or just get one win is a big deal because it’s a tough league," Campbell said. "You need everybody to win, and that’s what we’ve been getting. "It’s super special and an honur and something I’ll b...

Feds voer die 10de doodsgevangene uit 2020

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Washington Alfred Bourgeois is Vrydagaand in die Federal Correctional Centre in Terre Haute deur die federale regering tereggestel, Indiana, volgens die Buro vir Gevangenisse. Bourgeois, 56, is ter dood veroordeel ...